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Canadian Teachers’ Federation citizenship program

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) provides a bilingual program designed to assist teachers meet the challenges of using a critical thinking model to teach citizenship through active community-based projects. The program, called Imagineaction  is available to Canadian teachers.

“Education should be about a student’s journey as a life-long learner and problem solver—it should be about teaching students to be critical thinkers and looking for opportunities to apply their knowledge in a transformative way.”

The program provides support for teachers and their students in four ways—funding subsidies, access to expertise, professional development and project showcases. Teachers can able to browse current and past projects in order to connect with colleagues across the country and share their ideas.

The Imagineaction platform contains a database of individuals and organizations willing to share their expertise and a space that will allow teachers to upload text, pictures, video and other media to showcase the good work being done in their schools and communities.

CTF’s Imagineaction website is at