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Missed Preparation Period

Have you missed out on your classroom Preparation time?

Every Teacher has a contractual right to 12.5% weekly preparation time averaged over the year. (118 ¾ hours (7125 mins) per year)

A 1.0 FTE teacher should be provided with roughly 40 min per day which is 190-200 min per week of Preparation time (depending on the school calendar). For high school teachers this often means being left with preparation time only in the Second semester, and for 80 min per day.


What should I do about it?

Download the ledger to keep a record of all preparation time that you have not been provided. Record the reasons you have not been provided with preparation time i.e., cancelation of programming, colleague absence, unfilled vacancies.     

You can use the record to confirm your preparation time needs with your administrator.

If you think you will not be provided with all of your preparation time as averaged by the end of school year – contact the YAEP with your ledger and record. 


Why does preparation time matter?

Appropriate preparation time ensures you have a meaningful opportunity to plan and prepare materials for your class and students. Depriving you of preparation time undermines your ability to do your job well.

Tracking this information is important for you and for the YAEP.


Missed Preparation Period Ledger_Printable

Missed Preparation Period Ledger_PDF Fillable